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Do you feel you “should” be doing what your peers are doing? Do you compare yourself to others around you and feel that you don’t quite match up? Have you not achieved what you thought you would have done by this age?


Although this period of life is a truly exciting one, it also represents a time of rapid and intense change.  You are moving from childhood to adulthood, and you might feel a huge pressure to succeed, to have reached certain milestones or at least to “get it right” some of the time.


The ordered life of education, when you knew what you were doing every day and what was expected of you, is over. Navigating the world of work (and your social life) can be very overwhelming and with everyone documenting the intricate details of their lives on social media, it is impossible not to compare your achievements (or perceived lack of) with those of your peers, most of whom you don’t even know…


The quarter-life crisis is similar to the mid-life crisis in that it often entails periods of questioning, uncertainty and dissatisfaction with your life. It is a feeling of not knowing where to go from here.


It is important to find a way to acknowledge these feelings before they grow into something more and coaching can help you discover what is truly important to you and put a plan in place for how you want to move forward.


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The first step is a 30-minute video or phone call to get to know each other, for you to find out what coaching is all about and establish whether we would like to work together. The coaching experience is a deeply personal one and we both need to feel comfortable that we have the right “chemistry” to embark on this journey as partners.

This call is completely free with no obligation to book any sessions or to continue the journey.

Sometimes this initial call can act as a catalyst to further thought even if you decide not to continue so what do you have to lose?

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