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Getting this website up and running was a very exciting moment as my Life Coaching journey started during one of the many lockdowns last year and, post Christmas when the threatened lockdowns didn't materialise (I had given my family one of my "no lockdown" guarantees and was clearly right) I realised that we have all come a long way since then and the future is somewhat brighter.


In December 2019, I  left my job not realising what was ahead of us, so, like many others, I spent some time considering how to use all of my skills and experience in a way that would be more meaningful to me and hopefully help others.


Before embarking on the journey, I was somewhat of a cynic when it came to all things therapeutic and holistic and, despite being aware of the value of therapy for mental health, it wasn't until I had personal experience of how therapy can help someone going through a hard time, that I began to consider how important it can be for us humans to share our thoughts and feelings with others in order to function and move forward.


So why did I choose Life Coaching as my chosen path?


Because it is such a positive, forward looking practice. You might visit the past, but you certainly don't dwell on it.


I have been wondering whether any of my friends, family or colleagues would think that I am being hypocritical by pursuing a career in something that I had never really shown much interest in in the past, but I have realised that actually, I have achieved something more powerful.


I have changed my mind.


I am more open-minded than I thought as my life experience has shown me that I am not always right (well I am mainly!) and also that, although it may not be possible to change our intrinsic personality, we can change our perceptions, our reactions to situations and most importantly, we are allowed to change our mind. Life coaching helps us to do this by exploring limiting beliefs we all hold and helping us see what is really important to us.


I am also a realist, pretty straightforward and could never be described as "fluffy"! I love a plan and like to know what lays ahead if at all possible. And life coaching is all about setting goals and designing a path to reach that goal - hence my tagline being "a well-designed life is a life that makes sense".


So what does that mean? How can you design a life that you are already living?


Well, amongst other things, I was an exhibition stand designer for a while and there are many parallels with stand design (or any type of design for that matter) and life design. The empty space where the stand is going to be already exists and has had many different uses in its life. When you approach the empty space with a new project in mind, you start with a problem, design something that works to solve that problem and then it all starts to make sense. 


And finally, why Ruby Sky?


This is something I get asked a lot and I am often referred to as Ruby as the assumption is that that is my name. 


Which is fine but not correct. 


Most coaches use their own name for their business name but, having grown up in an English speaking world with a Turkish name and having spent most of my life having to correct the pronunciation from Seema to Sema ("it's pronounced Emma with an S!"), I decided that I would choose something else to reflect my name. 


Ruby is a derivative of Rubins and Sema means Sky in Turkish. 





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