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I get asked this question a lot, mainly by people who haven't been coached before and do not understand the value. Why would you pay someone to listen to you talk for an hour? Surely, we can do this with friends and family.


And of course we can.


However, people who are close to us tend to guess what we are going to say next and feel that they know us so well that they don’t need to really listen.


They jump in and give us solutions and advice - what they would do, what we should do. Sometimes it ends up being all about them and their experiences.


We are surrounded by people who can advise us - we get that for free!


How often do people sit back and say, “you talk, I’m listening” (unless they are Frasier on his radio show!) and let you speak as long as you want to, without interruption?


👂 A coach will do just that.


Think of how much you spend on just one night out - and then think what you could gain by spending that same amount on an investment in your future.

Is it worth it?


Of course it is! We often feel that we are not our number one priority and that we should concentrate on others first. Keeping our partner happy, our children happy and maybe even our parents on side. But it is a sad fact that if we are not content ourselves, it is really hard to make people around us truly happy.

It can be quite a liberating experience to just sit down and talk about ourselves and nothing else. It almost feels unnatural and naughty, like we should be doing something more worthwhile. But exploring your thoughts can be so powerful and lead you to do find out what it is you really want and what you should do next.


You should try it!


Don't just take my word for it.  This is what some previous clients have said:


"You won't regret it. Progress by yourself is so slow, we don't even notice it even if it is happening, which is really demoralising when you are trying hard."

"With your coach, that inner voice that wants change starts to make itself heard over all the noise of everyday life and together you start to build a roadmap out of that place you don't want to be anymore. I no longer feel trapped by inaction. I feel liberated and free to explore all my possibilities now."


"I needed to have someone at my back, someone who would help me rediscover my own voice. Asking friends and family for advice can be difficult and full of its own baggage and priorities which my own lack of confidence couldn't move past."




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