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In my home life, I’m married with 2 daughters in their twenties and have 2 gorgeous dogs. Workwise – I’ve had a pretty squiggly career!


Educationally, I have several degrees as I had never been sure what I wanted to do in my career.  After doing well at school I went to university and came out with a BA Hons. in French which was promptly followed by a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing. I graduated in 1990 at the height of the recession and having had some fairly poor careers advice, I struggled to find a job. So, I accepted the first job I was offered which was an administrative job in Fashion (sounds glamorous, it really wasn’t).  However, this job did lead me to my main “career” position of Marketing Manager in an international Quantity Surveying/Project Management firm and I stayed there for 5 years and returned part time after having my first child.  




After my second child we moved out of London, and I became a full-time mum and dabbled in various things to keep me busy.  I designed, made and sold jewellery, volunteered at Macmillan for a year, was Chair of the Parents/Teachers Association at my daughters’ school, and even started and dropped out of a MSc in Computer Science (realised very quickly that I can’t code!).  Finally, I went back to Uni and did a degree in Visual Merchandising which led me to set up my own Events and Exhibitions Company, Ruby Sky Events.  I was very brave and set up my own exhibition brand, an eco-shopping show (Naturally Christmas and Naturally Spring) and ran these shows and other corporate events for a few years but eventually I went in-house to one of my clients – working in Project Management again.  It was great to start with being back in an office, but I felt I had regressed to the beginning of my career, so I gave it up in Dec 2019 with a view to doing something more meaningful.  




I decided to volunteer with the Witness Service, supporting victims and witnesses giving evidence in Court and, after many delays due to Covid, I finally went into court in January 2021.  I was accredited in May, and I realised that what I love the most is supporting people at a time when they are pretty scared, vulnerable and often very angry.  It is really fulfilling (mainly!) and I feel I make a difference in their lives.


I trained as a Life Coach as I believe that everyone deserves to be heard.  I realise that we often don’t have the chance to talk about ourselves and our beliefs and fears.  We may be lucky enough to have great friends and family members but sometimes the fear of judgement or of being laughed at for our worries or dreams can stop us telling our nearest and dearest about them.  


As a mother of young adult girls, I have also seen first-hand how difficult life today can be for them and their peers.  The transition to university was much harder for them than I remember it being all those years ago and then the transition to the working world actually even harder to navigate.


Conversely, at the other end of the scale, life in your mid fifties and beyond can also be confusing with the thought of retirement looming and all the fears that accompany that!  We plan so vigorously for our career ahead of us but we often forget that we also need to plan our post career lives as well.


As a Life Coach I hope to help people become the best they can be and find the best answers inside them.